Netlify build plugins: 3x faster GatsbyJS build

May 13, 2020
Last Updated: Nov 25, 2023
Netlify build plugins: 3x faster GatsbyJS build
What are Netlify Build plugins and how to make your GatsbyJS builds 3x faster.

UPDATE: Build plugins are no longer in beta and are officially available. Gatsby plugin described in this article is now used by default and does not need to be explicitly enabled.

Netlify build plugins

Netlify build plugins allow you to run custom plugins as a part of your Netlify build process. This allows you to alter your build and run some additional actions.

Enabling plugins

Netlify build plugins are not enabled by default. This feature is still in beta (as of 5/2020). You can, however, explicitly enable beta build plugin support. Just click on the link Build Plugins in the main navigation.

Netlify build plugins link

Now simply click Enable the beta button:

Netlify build plugins enable button

Now you need to select which repositories should be enabled for plugins. Note that for sites to be available for plugins, they need to be based on the Xenial image. New sites should be based on this by default, but for older sites, you might need to change the image explicitly. You can find this configuration under your site settings:

Settings → Build & Deploy → Build image selection
Netlify build image configuration

After selecting repositories, you can see the list of available plugins.


Plugins are not enabled and configured directly from the Netlify UI. Instead, you enable and configure your build plugins in netlify.toml file, which should be located inside your project on the root level.

The configuration for netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache can be as simple as this:

  publish = "public"

package = "netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache"

If you have plugins enabled for your site and this configuration file is present, Netlify will automatically trigger any build plugins defined in your file with the provided settings.

Gatsby cache plugin

This blog uses GatsbyJS as a static site generator. Originally, the build would take quite a lot of time. This is usually not a problem with GatsbyJS - only the original build takes long, but the subsequent builds are much faster due to Gatsby's cache. Netlify does not preserve this cache by default, so each build is long.

Even if the deployment time is not critical for your application, it can help a lot to improve it. That's because after running out of build minutes, you have to pay for more. And the free plan only currently offers 300 build minutes.

Fortunately, there is a Netlify build plugin called netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache, which fixes this and makes the subsequent builds much faster.

My current site is as follows:

  • 4087 image thumbnails (various sizes)
  • 119 GraphQL queries
  • 92 articles

Without the plugin the build takes 13m 20s. With the plugin it takes 3m 44s. That is 3.57x faster!

The time can vary as it depends on the size of your site and the changes that you make.

The official docs also provide examples of time reduction:

Site SizeNo CacheCacheSavings
  • 231 GraphQL queries
  • 1,871 images
  • 224 pages
  • 5 GraphQL queries
  • No image processing
  • 32 pages

More plugins

There are currently 20 plugins available, featured on the Netlify site. Here are some of the interesting ones:

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