Netlify build plugins: 3x faster GatsbyJS build

What are Netlify Build plugins and how to make your GatsbyJS builds 3x faster.

CSS Flexbox tutorial

Flexbox is a powerful layout tool, which allows you to automatically arrange and size items inside a container.

Developer Advocate Book Review

Book review of Developer, Advocate! by Geertjan Wielenga. A collection of conversations with developer advocates about their work, tech communities and the road to becoming a developer advocate.

Adjusting your web for printing with CSS

How to adjust your pages with CSS to be printer-friendly.

Java Pattern Matching: InstanceOf (JEP 305)

This new feature in Java 14 allows you to simplify your code and get rid of a lot of boilerplate when using instanceof.

How to share run configurations in IntelliJ IDEA

Finally, with IDEA 2020.1, you can easily share your run configurations among your team members utilizing version control.

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