How to deploy war files to Spring Boot Embedded Tomcat

How to deploy external WAR files to your Spring Boot Embedded Tomcat.

Maven archetypes tutorial

How to generate new projects from Maven archetypes, create your own and number of alternative tools.

Deploying Spring Boot app as WAR

How to change your JAR Spring Boot app to be packaged and deployed as WAR without sacrificing direct execution capabilities of embedded app server.

Configuring IntelliJ IDEA code style per folder

How to define IDE settings per folder in IntelliJ IDEA including IDEA's custom settings using EditorConfig.

History of Java interface feature changes

Java interface changed a lot through the years. What were the changes during its evolution?

Java Text Blocks

Java 13 finally brings support for multi-line string literals after dropping similar functionality from Java 12.

Detecting vulnerable dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA

How to detect third party libraries with security vulnerabilities directly in IntelliJ IDEA.

IDEA EduTools: Learning directly in your IDE

Study programming courses directly in your IDE or create your own.

Analyzing dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA

How to analyze dependencies in IDEA using Dependency Structure Matrix and other tools.

Try with resources in Java

Try with resources offers an easy and foolproof way to make sure all your resources are properly closed. It manages closing automatically instead of explicitly using "try-finally".

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