Java 13 Enhanced Switch

Java 12 introduced a whole lot of useful improvements to the good old switch, which makes it way more useful.

Javascript async await tutorial

Async await allows you to work with asynchronous code in a cleaner and more convenient way.

Javascript promises tutorial

Promises are a useful, modern technique in javascript to handle async behavior and a good alternative to callbacks.

Destructuring objects and arrays in JavaScript

Destructuring allows you to assign items from arrays or properties of objects into single variables easily.

Javascript spread operator and rest parameters (...)

What do three dots (...) mean in javascript? They can be used for various different purposes.

Java Raw String Literals

Java finally brings support for raw strings. They can span multiple lines and you don't need to escape special characters. Especially useful for regular expressions.

Spring Boot Admin Tutorial

Monitor and manage you Spring Boot apps with a nice UI on top of Spring Boot Actuator endpoints.

Reactive Conf 2018: My volunteering experience

My experience as a volunteer at Reactive Conf Prague 2018.