How to share run configurations in IntelliJ IDEA

Finally, with IDEA 2020.1, you can easily share your run configurations among your team members utilizing version control.

CSS Position guide

How to understand and properly use CSS position property to control placement of your elements.

Java Records (JEP 359)

Records are new type in Java 14, which allow you to declare simple data classes without all the boilerplate.

IntelliJ IDEA best plugins

A collection of useful plugins to enhance your IntelliJ IDEA experience.

JavaFX Weaver: Integration of JavaFX and Spring Boot

How to easily integrate JavaFX and Spring Boot using JavaFX Weaver.

Commitlint: validate commit conventions automatically

Automatically check and enforce your commit conventions either with various available configurations.

Stackbit: build JAMStack sites in a few clicks

How to easily create full-blown JAMStack sites with a theme, CMS, and deployment using various static site generators.

Comparing files and folders in IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA offers numerous ways of comparing files, folders and code snippets and even synchronizing folder contents.

Netlify Analytics Review: Google Analytics alternative?

Zero-impact server-side analytics for your Netlify projects. Works even with adblockers.

JavaFX Tutorial: CSS Styling

How to style JavaFX components using good old CSS.

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