Java 9: Compact Strings

Java 9 brings a new, improved string, which in most cases, will reduce String memory consumption to half.

Java 9: Enhanced deprecation

@Deprecated annotation, introduced in Java 5, received several enhancements in Java 9, which makes easier to document the deprecation of API.

Premium Quality Tests

Test quality is just as important as that of production code. Tests should not be excluded from quality checks and the same quality rules should be applied.

Preventing Clickjacking

Clickjacking is an attack, where the user is tricked into performing an unwanted action by clicking on a seemingly harmless element. How to prevent it?

Detecting dependencies with known vulnerabilities

How to automatically detect vulnerable third-party libraries as a part of your build process, integrate it with CI and track vulnerable dependencies over time?

BEM – Writing CSS using Block Element Modifier Methodology

BEM is a lightweight front-end development methodology which makes your code more flexible, modular and reusable.

PostgreSQL’s JSONB type mapping using Hibernate

PostgreSQL 9.4 added support for JSONB data type. Hibernate, however, currently does not support out of the box mapping for it. This post describes how to implement custom mapping for JSONB in Spring Boot application.

Avoid Utility Classes

Utility classes, while popular, have some serious implications and you should think twice before using them.

Session Fixation Attack

Session fixation is a type of attack, where the attacker can hijack user's session. What are some of the variants and how to prevent this type of attack?

Exam Notes – Pivotal Certified Spring Professional

Study materials and an exam review for Pivotal Certified Spring Professional Exam 4.2, with flashcards and study notes.

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