Snyk – Detecting dependencies with known vulnerabilities

How to detect and fix security vulnerabilities in your dependencies using Snyk?

IntelliJ IDEA Tips & Tricks: Postfix Code Completion

Postfix completion is a very powerful feature, which lets you transform an existing expression using a postfix added. This greatly reduces backward caret movement and thus increases productivity.

How to prepare for a phone screening interview

Phone screening interview is the first step in a hiring process. If you fail, you'll never get a chance to proceed to the real interview. Careful preparation is essential and this post will guide you through the preparation process.

Book Review: 256 Bloghacks

A detailed review of a guide to blogging by Yegor Bugayenko.

Vaadin 8 Certification

After releasing Vaadin 8 and 8.1, the certification to the version 8 as well. If you are considering taking the certification, this review will come in handy.

Book Review: The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

Review of the new Book by John Sonmez. Is it a book, which every software developer should have on their bookshelf? Can it actually help in advancing your career?

Bit Manipulation in Java – Bitwise and Bit Shift operations

Java enables you to manipulate integers on a bit level, that means operating on specific bits, which represent an integer number. In some cases, it can be really handy.

Practicing coding interviews online with a real interviewer using Pramp

Coding Interviews can be hard. Knowing algorithms and data structures is required, but not enough. You need to practice. A lot. Solving problems on your own is a good start, but practicing online with a real person as an interviewer is much better.