Javascript Primitives Guide

What are primitives in Javascript? What pitfalls to watch for? What are their object wrappers and when should you use them?

IntelliJ IDEA Tips & Tricks: Synchronization and Sharing of Settings

Did you know IDEA offers two ways of synchronization of you settings among multiple instances of your IDE? You can use it when working on multiple computers or to share unified settings in your team.

Lighthouse: Web Page Audit with Chrome Developer Tools

Did you know Chrome can perform a comprehensive audit of a web page and analyze many different categories such as Performance, SEO, Best Practices, Accessibility, Progressive Web Application compliance and more?

How to protect your HTTP Cookies

Protecting your sensitive cookies is very important as stolen session cookie means an attacker can take your identity and wreak havoc.

IntelliJ IDEA integrated HTTP Client

IntelliJ IDEA offers two integrated HTTP clients to test your REST services directly from your IDE.

Java 10 – var – Local Variable Type Inference (JEP-286)

In Java 10, you no longer need to explicitly declare a type of local variables, which significantly reduces boilerplate and increases readability.

OWASP Top Ten 2017

OWASP released 2017 version of top 10 Web Application Security Vulnerabilities. What are they, what is new and is your app vulnerable?

Documenting Angular apps with TypeDoc, CompoDoc and AngularDoc

There are several tools which you can use to document your Angular 2+ app. Let's compare them so you can decide what is the most suitable for your app.