Reactive Conf 2018: My volunteering experience

My experience as a volunteer at Reactive Conf Prague 2018.

Faster Development with Spring Boot DevTools

How to speed up your Spring Boot development even more with DevTools and make it more enjoyable and productive?

Actuator: Spring Boot Production Monitoring and Management

Monitor and manage your application in production with Spring Boot Actuator 2.x. Gather metrics or check health easily.

Staticman: User generated content made static

How to make your JAMStack site truly static even with user-generated content.

Detecting build version and time at runtime in Spring Boot

How to obtain artifact version, build time and other build information in a Spring Boot app at runtime?

Easy git hooks with Husky

Effortless creation and management of git hooks for your Node/NPM projects with Husky.

Adding search to your static JAMStack site

How to add search option to your static JAMStack site using Algolia Search and Algolia DocSearch.

Spring REST Docs - Test driven documentation of your REST API

Test driven REST API documentation as an alternative to traditional Swagger docs.