Actuator: Spring Boot Production Monitoring and Management

Monitor and manage your application in production with Spring Boot Actuator 2.x. Gather metrics or check health easily.

Staticman: User generated content made static

How to make your JAMStack site truly static even with user-generated content.

Detecting build version and time at runtime in Spring Boot

How to obtain artifact version, build time and other build information in a Spring Boot app at runtime?

Easy git hooks with Husky

Effortless creation and management of git hooks for your Node/NPM projects with Husky.

Adding search to your static JAMStack site

How to add search option to your static JAMStack site using Algolia Search and Algolia DocSearch.

Spring REST Docs - Test driven documentation of your REST API

Test driven REST API documentation as an alternative to traditional Swagger docs.

Migration to JAM stack and Netlify from WordPress

How and Why I migrated from WordPress to static JAM Stack site deployed on Netlify.

JShell - New REPL tool in Java 9 for quick prototyping

From version 9, Java now has its own interactive REPL console, which is useful for quick checks, prototyping and educational purposes.